Governance Aziendale | Organizzazione Aziendale

What makes us special


"To create a corporate culture based on appropriate risk management, in accordance with the regulations"
Governance Aziendale | Organizzazione Aziendale
Governance Aziendale | Organizzazione Aziendale


“To create value for our clients by means of bespoke solutions for integrated governance, geared towards appropriate affordability. We transfer our expertise and experience to companies, with the aim of reducing risk and optimizing the performance of their processes."

Business model and approach to projects

Our business model is based on a consolidated network of internal staff, external professionals and partner companies, all highly specialized and with relevant experience. This allows us to offer, based on each client's specific needs:
  • a highly flexible structure and an extremely efficient organization;
  • a high level of customer service, with specialist expertise in a number of fields;
  • an extremely professional leadership team with a proven track record of success.
Based on professional expertise and authority, the Cogitek approach allows us to guide and motivate project-based working groups, adopting management models that can sustain the drive to achieve results. This approach - based on collaboration and synergy with the relevant company departments and in line with the client's business style and operational context - facilitates the transfer of know-how to the client's personnel, in order to facilitate autonomous development.

Code of Ethics, Responsibility Policy and Certifications

The Code of Ethics and the Responsibility Policy encapsulate the values that have guided us in our operations for years and are the foundation of the behaviors of the Cogitek Team.
The certifications obtained are the result of compliance with these values.
Code of Ethics
Responsibility Policy
ISO 9001 Certification
ESG evaluation certification
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