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Risk Management

A structured system for identifying, assessing and managing risk is the distinguishing factor between a company that "plays it by ear" and one that aspires to market leadership, proactively manages events that may hinder the achievement of its aims and identifies opportunities to consolidate and broaden its sphere of operation.
In this context, Cogitek supports its clients in the constant improvement of their processes of identification, assessment and management of corporate risk, allowing them to take timely and effective decisions based on balancing risk and opportunities. Our support is calibrated in line with clients' specific business needs and relevant sectoral and environmental circumstances.
We therefore support companies to adopt an approach known as risk-based thinking, which involves:
  • assessment of internal/external factors that have a negative/positive impact on the achievement of company objectives;
  • mapping of processes and identification of objectives, in order to include risk factors within them;
  • development of the capacity to make decisions - and take consequent action - resulting from an appropriate assessment of the potential effects of such action.
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