Il Team | Cogitek

The Team

We are passionate about what we do, free from prejudgments and open to exploring the innovation and opportunities arising from the evolution of technology and best practices; we believe that continuous research and professional exchange is the way to ensure optimum performance for our clients.
Il Team | Cogitek
Vincenzo La Mattina
CEO of Cogitek since 2010, VLM brings his considerable professional experience, gained in major business and consulting contexts, to his leadership of the company. Focused on the growth of the company and its employees, and always ready to consider new opportunities for collaboration and partnership, he also loves playing (and still winning) tennis.
Il Team | Cogitek
Pierantonio Piana
Co-founder of Cogitek and longstanding Torino fan, PP represents the historical memory of the company and is among the Italian leaders in Internal Auditing and Risk Analysis.
Il Team | Cogitek
Antonio La Mattina
A Managing Partner of Cogitek since 2010, ALM handles the development of the company, taking personal charge of its major clients. Enthusiastic about his job, he also loves spending time with his family, travelling, cooking and excellent wine.
Il Team | Cogitek
Erica Monticelli
Sustainability, in all its forms, has always been at the heart of EM's working life. She stands out for her ability to listen, her authenticity, consistency and commitment. Her passions include nature and outdoor sports.
Il Team | Cogitek
Marco Battistella
With over 25 years' experience as an employee and a freelancer in both public and private sectors, MB handles Risk Management, Internal Auditing and Litigation and Compliance, always focusing on the substance but never neglecting the form.
Il Team | Cogitek
Alessia Antonelli
A longstanding consultant in Governance, Risk and Compliance, AA joined Cogitek in 2010 and brings great thoroughness to her work; she prefers sneakers to heels.
Il Team | Cogitek
Gianluca Biunno
GB's life is split between Compliance and family, Auditing and football; he joined Cogitek in 2019 following 15 years with a certification body.
Il Team | Cogitek
Isabella Sernicola
IS joined Cogitek in 2011, at the start of her professional career. Precise and agile in her work, her favourite companions for adventure are her backpack and walking boots.
Il Team | Cogitek
Federica Celli
After completing her studies, FC's professional career in consultancy began at Cogitek in 2020. Decisive and resolute, she enjoys working in a team; cooking is not among her greatest passions, but she describes herself as a travel addict.
Il Team | Cogitek
Francesca La Mattina
Accurate, professional and empathetic, she joins Cogitek in early 2023 after experience in another consulting firm. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, friends and her dogs and loves to organize trips to discover the world
She began her career path at Cogitek after completing her university studies, is passionate about sustainability issues and describes herself as curious, precise and sunny. She enjoys spending her free time surrounded by nature and carving out moments together with friends and family.

Join our Team

Il Team | Cogitek
Cogitek is constantly looking for new partnerships and professionals (either highly specialized or wishing to specialize in the business consulting sector) in the areas of Governance, Internal Auditing, Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
If you are a professional looking for new challenges or you wish to become one; if you have the desire to grow professionally by engaging with honesty and team spirit, this is the place for you.

Cogitek costantemente cerca nuovi collaboratori da inserire nei propri organici che abbiano queste caratteristiche. Per l’invio delle proprie candidature scrivere una mail allegando Curriculum Vitae e Cover Letter all’indirizzo

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