CPT | Ex parte technical consultation

Litigation, Transactions and Appraisals

Thanks to its consolidated partnerships with law firms specialised in a number of fields and professionals experienced in dispute resolution, Cogitek can help its clients to avoid potential judicial and/or extrajudicial disputes. In this context, Cogitek offers assistance in judicial and extrajudicial disputes by acting as an effective Assessor or Ex Parte Expert Witness in various sectors. In particular, we have considerable experience in:
  • Agency Agreements (e.g. determination of compensation due to the agent for termination of the contract, quantification of bonuses for the successful achievement of commercial objectives);
  • Supply issues, with a particular focus on software/ICT applications;
  • Accounting Reconstruction (e.g. relating to disputes with suppliers, customers or employees, to ascertain the actual existence and amount of credit/debt);
  • Economic quantification and context-related assessment of compensation for damages relating to costs incurred and loss of profit in business disputes;
  • Evaluation of conduct contrary to contractual agreements between the parties involved or adopted to the detriment of one of the parties.
Over the years, Cogitek has supported numerous law firms and clients with technical advice, both during judicial disputes and arbitration, and following settlement agreements between the parties.
Our methods of intervention are particularly sensitive to corporate objectives, and may result in compensation based on successful outcomes.
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