Whistleblowing Portal


In recent years there has been an increasing focus on the issue of whistleblowing, i.e. the need to protect those who report crimes and illegal acts they become aware of at work. This is addressed by European directive no.1937 of 2019, which stipulates that companies with over 50 employees must provide an IT system to handle such reports. As we know, the whistleblowing legislation aims to:
  • encourage the collaboration of workers to uncover bad practice in public and private bodies by providing systems that enable them to anonymously report any offences they become aware of;
  • protect individuals wishing to report violations from any potential retaliation or prejudice they may experience as a result of disclosure.
Cogitek works in strategic alliance with EQS to offer the EQS Integrity Line platform, which provides the necessary support for companies required to adopt whistleblowing systems in accordance with the aforementioned European directive.
The reporting platform - with primary features as standard and the option of further bespoke customisation - provides a secure reporting channel available 24/7 with anonymous dialogue function, and therefore constitutes a "ready-to-use solution", offering a valid alternative to the development of internal company tools that would require more time, skills and costs.
EQS Integrity Line is certified by PwC external auditors as meeting ISAE 3000 Type 1 standards, and complies with European data protection requirements, the European Whistleblowing Directive and the GDPR.
In addition to the IT application, Cogitek offers a "turnkey solution for whistleblowing", which includes the possibility of also having integrated operational support services for "report management", consisting mainly of:
  • verification of the relevance of the report and the inclusion of sufficient elements;
  • carrying out checks with the support of the company offices, and interfacing, where appropriate, with the reporting party;
  • handling communication with the Whistleblower in accordance with the deadlines set by the EU Directive;
  • drafting of a summary report of the investigations carried out and the evidence that emerged.
We also have solid experience in the preparation of disclosure management procedures and policies.
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