Governance aziendale | Organizzazione aziendale processi e risorse

Corporate Governance and Organisation

We are inspired by the principle that "there is no absolute optimal organisation model", and we therefore work with our clients to identify "the best possible organisational structure" , taking into account the specific circumstances of the company (through a preliminary assessment of staff, skills, IT systems and level of automation in processes, localisation etc) and of the external context (competitors, sector regulations, types of business etc).
In designing solutions to be adopted, our methodology is based both on the company's strategic development prospects (business plans, multi-year planning etc) and on the principles of a balanced internal control system which adequately gauges roles/responsibilities and the division of functions between the various sections of the company.
We therefore support our clients in:
  • choosing the corporate Model at company and/or group level;
  • definition of governance rules (including IT);
  • drafting of statutes and operational regulations for corporate bodies, committees and groups;
  • distribution of power (internal delegation and powers of attorney);
  • drafting of company and/or group guidelines/directives.
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