Internal Audit Execution | Esternalizzazione internal audit

Internal Audit Execution

The outsourcing of Internal Auditing offers several advantages for companies, including:
  • possession of the skills needed to carry out interventions of any type;
  • the flexibility of personnel necessary to handle any peaks in workload;
  • reduction and variation in fixed costs;
  • the guarantee of the necessary independent professional judgment.
Depending on their specific characteristics and for reasons of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of service, companies may choose to wholly or partially outsource Internal Audit operations.
Where this is the case, Cogitek is the ideal partner: methodological rigour, extensive experience in Internal Auditing on an outsourced basis and the availability of bespoke tools and instruments, combined with the flexibility and know-how of a broad range of providers, ensure optimal results in the outsourcing or co-sourcing of Audit operations.
We offer a wide range of solutions that allow the level of outsourcing to be modified to suit the specific needs of individual clients:
  • Full Outsourcing: complete outsourcing, entrusting the entire Internal Audit process to Cogitek, usually in a multi-year relationship;
  • Co-sourcing: Cogitek resources support the company departments in one or more phases of the Internal Audit process, in a structured and systematic manner within an annual / multi-year agreement;
  • Specialist Audits: Cogitek staff provides support for specific audit tasks which require, for example, particular technical skills in specialist areas such as IT, environment and workplace safety, intellectual property, royalties and point of sale management;
  • Fraud Audit Investigations: Cogitek has considerable experience in carrying out internal investigations to ascertain fraud, including alleged fraud; such interventions require specific professional skills and investigative techniques in the acquisition of documentary evidence, IT analysis and interviews, and also in reporting, which must be carried out in the most rigorous compliance with pertinent regulations such as legislation governing workers' rights, data protection and confidentiality.
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