Continuos Auditing | Verifica processi aziendali | Cogitek

Continuos Auditing

Cogitek offers its clients "Continuous Auditing" solutions consisting of "constant verification" in real time of business processes through the detection and analysis of information recorded in IT systems and the "reporting" of any anomalies ("red flags").
The implementation of "Continuous Audit" processes therefore allows Internal Auditing to improve oversight of the internal control system as a whole, and to promptly identify and manage risks whose detection would be more difficult and sporadic using conventional approaches.
There are numerous and extremely varied options for making use of the "Continuous Audit" interventions developed by Cogitek. With our support, solutions can be implemented to monitor a range of issues, such as:
  • exceptions to the principles of "Segregation of Duties" in relation to users authorized to operate in company IT systems;
  • "authorizations" granted for transactions which go beyond the normal limits of the system;
  • functionality recovery times in the event of a malfunction report.
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