Risk Management | Cogitek

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The output of successful Risk Management is not a list of risks, but a tool that supports the company's leadership in managing the uncertainties and complexities of its competitive context (technology gaps, investor expectations, pressure from competitors, authorities and regulatory bodies etc).
Cogitek helps companies to introduce structured Enterprise Risk Management approaches in order to:
  • identify events that may cause damage or losses;
  • manage these appropriately and in line with the company's risk appetite, using the available strategies, processes, technologies and resources.
Cogitek has developed methodological approaches and operational solutions for the various stages of the ERM process, in line with relevant best practices; these include in particular the COSO ERM Framework. This means we are in a position to support our clients in implementing approaches that help them to anticipate, adapt and respond promptly to change, focusing effort and resources on identifying, evaluating and managing risk and opportunity.
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