Verification of fraud


Assistance during internal analysis following investigations by the judiciary of unlawful conduct by employees in collaboration with third parties.


An in-house company of the Municipality of Rome, which is entrusted with professional support services in the areas of Planning, Design and Transformation of the Territory, and management support to construction management projects at the Municipal Urban Planning Department.


The Judicial Authority adopted a number of measures related to investigations of unlawful conduct in the management of certain processes; these measures concerned, among others, company employees, some of whom were remanded in custody.

Cogitek assisted its client to verify the procedures and the internal control system associated with the events that occurred, in order to identify system weaknesses, and developed a remedial action plan to eliminate critical issues and improve security systems so as to prevent potential further unlawful conduct.
Cogitek's added value

In addition to identifying the circumstances in which the alleged illegal conduct subject to legal action could occur, the analysis carried out also allowed the identification of possible interventions which, as well as preventing fraud, could optimise the business process, thus protecting the company and the partner/client from reputational and image risk.

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