Support in presenting to an expert witness the effects of non-fulfilment of a contract by a supplier


Help the client to present to the judge-appointed expert witness the consequences of non-fulfilment of a contract by a supplier.


A multinational group operating in integrated solutions for hydraulic applications. The client recognises Cogitek as one of its most important professional service providers and, over the years, has entrusted us with several assignments in the fields of Internal Auditing, Risk Management and Compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, including the role of expert witness in disputes.


The supplier, who had undertaken the customisation of a management software platform, was unable to fulfil the contract adequately. In addition to entailing extra costs for the company, this meant that the client could not access information necessary for their operation, which should have been provided by the software in question.

Cogitek assisted the client in the appraisal process carried out by the court-appointed expert, which demonstrated that our client was right and - on the basis of the expert's report - resulted in the refund of a considerable portion of the sums invoiced by the supplier.
Cogitek's added value

Thanks to our oversight of the lawsuit by senior staff with specific expertise, Cogitek was able to collaborate effectively with the court-appointed expert.

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