Model update pursuant to legislative decree 231/01


To support activities related to the updating of the client's Model, in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01 and associated obligations (e.g. training, definition of action plan).


An energy provider offering a wide range of products and services, from the supply of complete turnkey power stations to the production of both steam and gas turbines and generators.


To create a specific and up-to-date Organisation, Management and Control Model in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, in order not to be found liable for administrative responsibility and thus subject to heavy economic sanctions and disqualification in the event that a senior figure (or a subordinate individual) commits an offence stipulated by Legislative Decree 231/01 in the interests of the company.

Thanks to its experience in corporate Compliance, Risk Assessment and analysis of processes and Internal Control Systems, and also thanks to the collaboration of the company staff, who provided support in the mapping of the company's operations, Cogitek was able to identify the activities sensitive to the commission of the newly introduced offences, and updated the group's Models related to Legislative Decree 231/01, developing ad-hoc safeguards to prevent the commission of offences in its companies' respective spheres of operation.
Cogitek's added value

The ability to rely on working teams with a high level of seniority and relevant hands-on experience, in order to prepare and oversee models and provide appropriate training, focusing on issues relating to Legislative Decree 231/01.

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