Implementation of the organization and management and control model pursuant to legislative decree 231/01


To support the client in preparing the procedures for implementing the Organisation, Management and Control Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01.


The company supplies the parent company with software and IT solutions created using highly advanced technologies and methods.


To ensure the effective implementation of the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, the client identified a series of initiatives geared to the development of a regulatory body of corporate processes in line with the provisions of the Model, by updating existing documents and implementing new procedures.

With the collaboration of the company's internal staff, Cogitek's consultancy activity consisted of preparing and updating the procedural framework of the company, following a methodology in line with:
  • The directions of the company and group leadership teams
  • The indications of the Supervisory Body
  • Existing best practices regarding Legislative Decree 231/01
  • The guidelines issued in this regard by the major sector associations
  • Existing judicial guidelines.
Cogitek's added value

Cogitek offers its clients efficient and valuable support in their activities of compliance with current regulations, turning the costs of Internal Control and Compliance into opportunities for improvement; this is achieved by rationalising and integrating control processes and contributing positively to ehancing the overall performance of the company.

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