Outsourcing of Internal Auditing


Professional, methodological and instrumental support to initiate and outsource Internal Audit activities.


An industrial company operating in the distribution of natural gas for civil and industrial uses.


The company wished to assess whether to outsource Internal Auditing or carry it out internally.

Following detailed analysis of the costs and benefits involved in the different options, the company decided to outsource Internal Auditing to Cogitek, which carried out a preliminary Risk Analysis from both management and compliance perspectives, followed by the drafting of an Audit Plan and, on the basis of this, implemented the necessary processes on site. This was followed by monitoring of the actions implemented downstream of the audit operation.
Cogitek's added value

The client was presented with an opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce fixed costs, and to carry out all possible types of audit intervention, relying on highly senior professionals with considerable experience, a tried and tested methodology and application software developed and designed specifically to support internal control monitoring.

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