Fraud prevention


To provide support to identify and combat potential corporate fraud.


A multinational company listed in Italy; a leader in high-level technology for rail and metro transport. The company operates in the planning, construction and management of signalling and supervision systems and services for rail and underground traffic.


Improvement of the fraud management system, developing "Fraud Detection" techniques with the ability to prevent fraud in active and passive cycle processes.

Cogitek assisted its client by identifying potential fraud scenarios, developing a system of indicators (red flags) for each scenario and creating a transaction monitoring dashboard to detect any anomalies in the process/system. The activity carried out not only contributed to the optimisation of company management, but also made it possible to detect a number of areas for improvement in the processes, IT systems and associated Internal Control System.
Cogitek's added value

Effective specialist support in the area of Fraud Management, by means of a methodology that can prevent fraud and at the same time appropriately manage the occurrence of any unlawful events that risk damage to the image and reputation of the company and its management team.

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